12 x 12: Shazam Bangles

1 2 x 1 2: Twelve Interviews. A Dozen Answers.

Spring has sprung in Chicago and that means rolling around with your windows down and your speakers up. Thankfully, fresh sounds seem to surround this month’s subject, Mike Reuter a.k.a. Shazam Bangles. The Chicago soundsmith and I go all the way back to elementary school and the Arlington Heights Youth Basketball Association. I don’t remember much from those days except for the color of our jerseys (red and white) and that Mike was the best player in the league (we might’ve even won the Lakeman Tournament). Fast forward 20 years later to a rowdy loft party in Wicker Park, and I bump into a bearded Bangles behind the decks cuttin’ and scratchin’ with the same speed and dexterity he dominated the courts with when we were kids.

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