12 × 12: Kyle La Mere

1 2 x 1 2: Twelve Interviews. A Dozen Answers.

The summer heat right now reminds me of an amazing (sweaty) fashionshoot I was part of last year at Kyle La Mere‘s studio. Kyle had just moved his studio, IshootRockstars, into a small loft in the Pilsen artists corridor and agreed to style and shoot new designs and models for my t-shirt company, Good Night TV. There was no A/C, blazing hot lights, greasy takeout and lukewarm drinks, but the shoot was perfect. And even though none of us were, Kyle made us all look and feel like rockstars that night. He’s an amazing talent and even awesomer human being. I’m honored to have found myself in front of Kyle lens on many occasions and I will always stand behind his work.

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