50 Shaping 10

With the Oughts (or Oh-Ohs) behind us, the UK’s Financial Times compiled Fifty Faces That Shaped The Decade. The list, described by FT as a “jumping-off point for debate” includes powerful men and women in politics, business, economics and culture from all over the world. Although I only knew half of them at first glance, I do have some thoughts on the whole thing:

  1. Jay-Z and Beyoncé should not count as one person.
  2. Americans dominate the list because of our innovations and screw-ups.
  3. The happiest person on the list is Hayao Miyazaki
  4. The grouchiest people on the list are all from China.
  5. I want Steve Jobs to live forever.
  6. That picture of Bush is hilarious (and completely on purpose).

Read through the comments and complaining below the list too. Interesting points and counterpoints.

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