Abuelita’s Donas

Digging through old vinyl at my folks’ place I stumbled across a little pile of 7″ 45s from six long-forgotten Puerto Rican musicians. The island record labels include: Irene Records, B.M.C., Suaritos, Continental Records, J.M.C. and Jenny. I have no idea how rare any of these are, so if you have any background on these records or the artists themselves, please leave a note in the comments! Download these dozen doughnuts

“Esta Sellado” (It Is Sealed) – El San Lorenzeño Alex Peña

“Es Envidia” (It Is Envy) – El San Lorenzeño Alex Peña

“La Polilla” (The Moth) – Anardy Lopez y Su Conjunto

“Donde Vives” (Where Do You Live?) – Anardy Lopez y Su Conjunto

“Los Ojos de Mi Suegra” (The Eyes of My Mother-in-Law) – Monchito Motta

“Casate Conmigo” (Marry Me) – Monchito Motta

“No Me Digas Que No” (Don’t Tell Me No) – Las Tres Voces

“Borinqueñita (Little Puerto Rican Girl)” – Las Tres Voces

“Vano Empeño” (Vain Effort) – José Manuel Calderon

“Llanto a la Luna” (Crying to the Moon) – José Manuel Calderon

“Si Volviera” (If I Returned) – Johnny Garcia

“Pena, Penita, Pena” (Sorrow, Little Sorrow, Sorrow) – Johnny Garcia

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