Sightings: I ♥ AG bag

A denim tote on a girl in Manhattan.

She loves me! Or maybe she just loves her denim.

Stars Wars × Adidas Originals

This commercial gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. Now I get why David Beckham‘s in it, but I’m totally curious about the random cameos by Snoop and Daft Punk. The complete collection can be seen on the official Star Wars site.

Reed Space

Claudine from Vandal toured us through the LES today where we stopped by the super fresh boutique/gallery, Reed Space. It didn’t dawn on me until I was back in the hotel, but I had actually been there way back in October 2006 for Boogie‘s first book launch of It’s All Good. This time around, I found a London-based brand I’d never seen before called Second Son. Check out their “Fists” tee—crowded with all types of cartoon and comic hands:

Fists by Will Kemp for Second Son

New favorite cold weather running gear

When it comes to footwear, I only buy two brands: New Balance for running and Puma for everything else. Except for a pair of Spring Courts, Bostonian wingtips and old Kenneth Coles, that’s all I rock. One brand I’ve never worn is Nike… I think it has something to do with being teased humiliated in junior high for not owning (or being able to afford) Jordans. At age 12, I decided I’d buck the trend of my peers and start wearing Puma Baskets—a brand and style I knew only “true” b-boys wore.

Ditching Nike back in 1991, I never looked back. Even last year when my very seasoned marathon partner, Jared Reeder promised me the Lunarglides would enhance my training and improve my PR—I still didn’t budge. Of course I recognize Nike’s might and influence (I was contacted by their recruiters back in 2005), but besides the Nike+ iPod connection, I pretty much denied the brand access to my wallet and wardrobe. Until now.

The Nike Pro Men’s Winter Tights are by far the best winter running gear I have ever worn. The fit is perfect (generous length, even in a size medium) and provides amazing compression. They’re a beautiful balance of breathable wicking and insulated warmth. When I pull them on it’s like a living organism working symbiotically with my own body to maintain perfect human homeostasis. Seriously, I love these pants.

Anyways, the best part is they’re on sale for $29 at your local Niketown or at the NikeStore online. If you’re running this winter or just looking for something toasty warm to wear under your favorite jeans, get yourself a few pairs—your shivering legs will thank you.