Pixels Destroy New York

PIXELS by PATRICK JEAN. by onemoreprod

With over 1 million viewers in less than 24 hours, Patrick Jean should feel pretty good about the invasion he launched. Written and directed by Jean as an in-house promo project for Paris-based One More Production, PIXELS is equal parts War of the Worlds, wood grain Atari and eBoy pixel art.

Madison, Mayer and Marcy

TBWA/Chiat/Day and Absolut tag-teamed NY-Z, a documentary about Jay-Z and his “Answer the Call” benefit concert at Madison Square Garden on September 11, 2009. Directed by music documentary filmmaker Danny Clinch, NY-Z highlights Jay-Z’s many commercial endeavors as well as his thoughts about music, muses, Madison, Mayer and Marcy:

Shigeru Ban on L Studio

Shigeru Ban is an incredible architect known for his innovative use of alternative and recycled materials. He’s one of the latest featured subjects on L Studio, the broadband internet channel launched by Lexus in 2008. Expanding on the ‘automaker as auteur’ vision started with BMW’s 2001 series, The Hire, Toyota’s luxury mark offers “an eclectic collection of unique perspectives meant to inspire”. All of the site’s video content is free to download, however, if you want “inspiration for innovation”, I’d stick to the topics of modern life and experiential. Unfortunately, if L Studio is going to compete with Honda’s brilliant Dream documentaries, it’s going to need some serious curation i.e. Lisa Kudrow is not funny and her Web Therapy shorts are certainly not inspiring or innovative.

Terribly Curious About Terribly Happy

Critics have described Terribly Happy as a Danish mix of the Cohen Bros. and David Lynch. Sounds like a perfect combination you ask me. Besides the trailer’s talking cat, I was excited to see some promising glimpses of Kim Bodnia who starred in Nicholas Winding Refn’s first Pusher film and looks like a Danish James Gandolfini. The film’s US distribution is being handled by Oscilloscope (who seems to release all my favorite documentaries lately), but unfortunately Chicago’s not part of the lineup. Oh well, I guess I’ll buy the import DVD here.

Promise Me You’ll Say ‘Yes’

I’ve admired the Yes Men for a long time and was bummed when I missed the screening of their new documentary Yes Men Fix The World at the Music Box Theatre. But thanks to some links from my friend Jeanie—a student of Columbia’s Climate & Society program—I can buy their latest DVD or just learn to pull my own Yes Men stunts.


Four months ago, my friend Shazam Bangles posted an incredibly upbeat mix to SoundCloud entitled, Superficial Roadblocks. It came at a perfect time for me as I made my decision to leave a studio I had worked at for nearly 5 years. Shazam describes his motivational mix this way:

“I think the music here can be a soundtrack to breaking down the imaginary obstacles that get in our way at times.”

The title actually comes from an Arthur Brown song, recently covered by Glass Candy. Now that I’m rolling solo and looking for a bit of positive reinforcement, the Superficial Roadblocks mix has been re-release with video by KILLCHNNL. Perfect timing fellas—Thanks.