The End of Sherlock Holmes

I finally got a chance to see The Robert Downey Jr. Super Show Sherlock Holmes tonight and was blown away by Prologue‘s motion design. Layering engravings, hand-drawn portraiture, quill pen ink splatters and beautiful sepia washes, the end titles were especially awesome.

The movie was great too! Classic Guy Ritchie: staccato dialogue, explosive combat and a mix of debonair & disheveled wardrobes. A perfect re-imagining of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master detective.

Papyrus ruined Avatar for me

When I first saw the Avatar logo, I was pretty bummed out. Sure, it’s tweaked a bit at the A and the R—but it’s still PAPYRUS! If you had $300M to make your epic vision a reality (and another $150M to market it), why WOULDN’T you hire a type studio to create a custom logo for your film?! What really got me was the horrific choice to use the gimmicky display face for all of Avatar’s subtitling. Franklin Gothic Book worked out pretty well for the alien languages in Star Wars and that was the early 70s. I’m not saying Cameron had to create an all new sans serif for his Na’vi subtitles, but use something legible and bold for chrissake—it’s IMAX 3D.

I’m not the only one buggin’ out on Cameron’s craptastic type selection: Gizmodo, Adam Balsam, BleedingCool and of course, I ♥ Papyrus all have something to say about it.

Postscript: I did enjoy the film’s next gen special effects and positive messages of peace, balance and environmental stewardship.