How to Donate Directly to a Haitian Hospital

Prexy Nesbitt, is a fascinating scholar and educator with amazing global connections. So when Firebelly posted an email he received from his dear friend Daphne Sajous-Brady (an associate with family ties to the crisis in Haiti), I knew I’d found the best way for me to personally participate in the resuscitation and rebuilding of Haiti. Feel free to read through the entire plea, but in summary, there’s a small, decently-staffed hospital with a functional ICU that needs some serious supplies and funding.

I contacted Ms. Sajous-Brady about direct donations and she informed me the best way to send US funds is via tax deductible donations through Suntrust Bank. Here’s the info:

Hôpital de la Communauté Relief – G. Diederich
Account number 1000103902598
Suntrust Bank
11333 South Dixie Highway
Pinecrest, FL 33156

What’s cool is you can go to any Suntrust and make a donation with the information above, or you can mail a check or make a wire transfer using the bank’s routing number (06100010). For your records the hospital’s tax ID# is 650627901. You can also donate via PayPal on the hospital’s website. If you’re looking for more alternatives, please consider Doctors without Borders and UNICEF.

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