Daedelus live on the Dublab rooftop

The first time I heard Daedelus I was living in Atlanta and listening to the dubstream from L.A.’s nonprofit radio collective, dublab. As soon the lullaby chirps of “Door Bell” hit my ears, I was fan. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen Daedelus live but a friend pointed me to this video of him performing with his monome on the rooftop of the dublab.

My favorite part happens around 6:00 when he brings in a sample of the Isley Brothers’ Foot Steps in the Dark (also sampled for Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day). Enjoy!

Check out Thrillhouse Production’s YouTube channel for more dublab/Daedelus videos.

On Repeat: DJ Gogo

My good friend Gregorio just sent me a link to his mixes on SoundCloud. I’m not sure what took him so long to share them… but after just a quick listen, there’s no way I’m holding out on telling the Internets! Give them a thorough listen and you’ll see what I’m talking about: these are mastercraft audio tapestries—moody, smart and soulful.

If you’re interested in hearing Gogo live, he’s djing the opening reception for Doug Fogelson‘s latest installation

Salt Room: Winter On The Moon
the space (1020 N. Marshfield)
Friday, February 12th from 6-9 P

Def Jux Is Bigger Than a Label

Jaime Meline, artistic director and founder of hip hop’s most authentic label announced today he’s returning to music and putting the company on pause. Meline (better known as El-P) debuted on the rap scene as a member of Company Flow and has been a major driving force in alternative hip hop for over a decade. The Def Jux roster consists of some of the most talented and innovative artists rap music has ever seen including personal favorites: Aesop Rock, Cage, Cannibal Ox, Mike Ladd, Mr. Lif, MURS, RJD2 and The Perceptionists.

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My Favorite DOOM

© Groundlift

Due to scheduling conflicts (and apparently really bad communication) Mos Def and DOOM had to reschedule shows in New York, Toronto and Chicago. While I’m glad it wasn’t canceled, I’m bummed because Charlie and I had copped tickets for his 30th birthday (February 1).

In any case, I’ve been a fan of DOOM since he was in KMD and went by the name Zev Love X. Besides the Special Herbs instrumental series, here are my favorite DOOM albums (bootlegs and unofficial mixtapes) in chronological order (if you’re missing one, leave me a comment and I’ll give you the details on it)…

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On Repeat: Miike Snow

My best friend Charlie posted Miike Snow‘s Animal video to Face’ a few days ago and now I can’t stop listening to it! The whole album is deliciously upbeat and available (at least partially) for streaming on RCRD LBL. The Swedish band is everywhere lately: check out this new video for Crooker’s Remedy featuring the threesome:


Four months ago, my friend Shazam Bangles posted an incredibly upbeat mix to SoundCloud entitled, Superficial Roadblocks. It came at a perfect time for me as I made my decision to leave a studio I had worked at for nearly 5 years. Shazam describes his motivational mix this way:

“I think the music here can be a soundtrack to breaking down the imaginary obstacles that get in our way at times.”

The title actually comes from an Arthur Brown song, recently covered by Glass Candy. Now that I’m rolling solo and looking for a bit of positive reinforcement, the Superficial Roadblocks mix has been re-release with video by KILLCHNNL. Perfect timing fellas—Thanks.