Happy Birthday

Looking back, I think my 30th year on this planet was pretty well-lived:

  1. I ran my first marathon and raised over $2k for Girls in the Game.
  2. I took two holidays with Lori.
  3. I took a risk and left a great job to try something new.
  4. I walked across burning hot coals.
  5. I participated in my first Polar Bear Plunge.
  6. I joined the board at Beyondmedia Education.
  7. I started volunteering at Pedro Albizu Campos High School.
  8. I got serious about my diet + health.
  9. I started DJing more with friends.
  10. I started this blog.

Now it’s time to set some new goals for 31 and build on last years accomplishments. I just signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle and 2010 Chicago Marathon and I’m even more excited to start training because Lori’s committed to running both races too! I’m also developing a lecture series/mentorship collaborative with two of my good friends and industry colleagues. I really want to improve my Spanish and thanks to Dawn’s generous parting gift (RosettaStone Español) this could very well be the year I get fluent. But most importantly, I plan to spend more time making memories with the people I care about—learning, exploring, traveling, playing and just living life.

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