Infographics & Year-End Summaries

A few weeks into 2011, I received emails from LinkedIn and DailyMile containing simple infographic summaries of my 2010 activity. Their unexpected delivery offered a visual representation of my network’s upward mobility (55 LinkedIn connections who changed jobs) and my 2010 Chicago Marathon training (my DailyMile running stats). But more than delight, the two emails gave me a good reason to log in and get active again on two social networks where my activity had waned. Check ’em out…

© LinkedIn

The LinkedIn summary prompted me to reach out to several classmates, colleagues and contacts as well as update my own profile.

© DailyMile

The DailyMile summary encouraged me to start running again and to remember to sync my miles better between their site and Nike+ (September should’ve had as many miles as August and October should’ve included my marathon!).

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