Jose G. Sketches your weekend

While at tonight’s TYPEFORCE show (go see it!), I bumped into my friend Jesse and asked him about his weekend plans. He fished out his iPhone but instead of launching iCal, he pulled up a photo and replied, “I’m gonna do some stuff from this sketch….”

There, in high contrast black and white, was this dense little sketch mapping out a jam-packed Chicago weekend:

© Jose Garibaldi

The frenzied illustration, entitled “Jose G. Sketches Your Weekend” is the latest in Jose Garibaldi’s incredibly detailed “weekend sketches” series posted weekly to his Internet House Party blog. The former Mad Magazine artist’s illos remind me of a badass Kirsten Ulve mixed with elements from Spümcø’s John K. Besides connecting Chicagoans with what going on in Chicago’s music + culture scene, this super talented artist/illustrator has a ton of great work featured on his portfolio site, Little Brown Heart. Check it out!

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