Other People’s Money

Last week has been pretty insane for me. On top of finalizing my lecture for RGD Ontario, I was considering some contract offers and weighing the pros and cons of relocation—specifically to New York. Calculating the cost of living increase wasn’t that hard, thanks to CoL calculators like this one from CNN Money and helpful references like the AIGA Salary Survey. Ultimately, I settled on Chicago (more on that in another post) but during the process found myself wondering how people in other cities actually spend their money—then I found Everybody’s Money from Bundle.com.

Teaming up with Citi Group, Morningstar Investment Research and MSN Money, Bundle’s still in beta but offers some really great insight into how the U.S. spends (and saves) its dough. Load up your details (age, marital status, income and location) and compare it to others based on the same parameters or figure out your spending type with their spending quiz (apparently I’m a “high roller”). But before you judge me, take the quiz and see how you measure up—you might be surprised!

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