Infographics & Year-End Summaries

A few weeks into 2011, I received emails from LinkedIn and DailyMile containing simple infographic summaries of my 2010 activity. Their unexpected delivery offered a visual representation of my network’s upward mobility (55 LinkedIn connections who changed jobs) and my 2010 Chicago Marathon training (my DailyMile running stats). But more than delight, the two emails gave me a good reason to log in and get active again on two social networks where my activity had waned. Check ’em out…

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12 × 12: Dawn Hancock

1 2 x 1 2: Twelve Interviews. A Dozen Answers.

To kick off this interview series, the first person to come to mind was my friend Dawn Hancock, Owner + Managing Director of Firebelly. Dawn and I have known each other for 6 years. In fact, we worked together for 5 of those 6 years at Firebelly during which time she afforded me many amazing learning opportunities, pushed me launch my own t-shirt company and made me a vegetarian pescatarian.

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My Top Five ‘Top’ Lists

Two weeks into the new year, I’ve read through nearly thirty “Top #” lists. Hopefully my Top 5 will ignite and illuminate 2011 for you.

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Bootleggers’ Whiskey Found in Chicago Bus Shelter

With a pilot directed by Martin Scorsese (and the promise of his involvement in future episodes), a monstrous cast with Steve Buscemi as the lead and Sopranos‘ writer/producer Terence Winter at the helm—HBO’s Boardwalk Empire can’t lose—or can it? Well, just to be sure, HBO is teaming up with some interesting media/product partnerships including Bloomingdale’s, Caesars Atlantic City and Canadian Club whiskey. And some of this $10M campaign was spent along my daily commute at the southeast corner of LaSalle & Eerie.

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Wide Open

The Caution!Hot! crew consisting of DJs King Hippo, Gogo and I (Tony Junior) are playing a super-sexy, eclectic set as the (un)official North Coast Music Festival afterparty. In conjunction with our “wide open” anything-goes lineup, we’ll also be premiering several Tokyo pop films from SXION23 on Rodan’s massive projection screen. There’s no cover but you gotta be 21 to get in!

W I D E _ O P E N
Rodan (1530 N. Milwaukee)
Saturday, September 4, 2010
10P – 3A
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Kid Sister & the Pritzker Pavilion Police State

Lori and I were amped to see Kid Sister and Konono Nº1 perform tonight at Millennium Park. The heat and humidity had subsided, the show was free and it would be our first concert of the summer. We even packed a little picnic of veggies, chips, dip and root beers. But as I walked east up Randolph to meet Lori, I couldn’t help but notice a long line of unmarked squad cars all the way up the street. And there were cops on foot everywhere too; patrolling the entire northern perimeter of Millennium Park. As Lori and I started to walk up one of the Randolph Street entrances to the Pritzker Pavilion, we were accosted by a Parks & Rec officer who told us no one could enter the park unless they used the Michigan Avenue entrance. Seriously? I have to walk a block away to enter the park and walk another block to get back to the stage? Why? No answer.

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