I speak regularly at conferences, universities, design schools and public forums about design, storytelling and social innovation. Audiences have included SFMOMA, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University, Segal Design Institute, Columbia College, WebVisions, RGD Ontario and many others.

I’m most often asked to share my reflections on the intersection of life and creativity, however I’ve explored a range of topics over the years:

“Activism × Technology” – WebVisions PDX/CHI
“Empathy × Design” – Creative Mornings, UIC School of Design
“Design for Good: Healthcare” –
AIGA Chicago
“Storytelling for Startups” – Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship
“Life in βeta” – WMC Fest 2015
“Protesting and Activism In The Informational Age” – Glappitnova
“Community Conversations: Diversity in the Creative Industry” – AIGA Chicago
“Creative Culture” – ChiPD: Chicago Product Designers
“Building Networks of Generosity” – DFA Midwest Meetup 2014
“How To Get That Gig” – Hike Con 2014
“Weapons Declassified: Race & Culture in Design” – WMC Fest 2014
“Storymaking” – GoodWork Chicago
“Psychographics + Journey Maps” – SFMOMA
“Innovation × Interaction” – HCID Connect
“Design for Social Change” – Designers Accord Town Hall Meeting
“Pro Tips & Developing a POV” – AIGA St. Louis Student Conference
“Authenticity × Design: Communicating Across (sub)Cultures” – RGD Ontario
“Creative Stimulus” – AIGA Jacksonville

I prefer dynamic, conversational “orientations” to traditional one-way lectures. If you’re looking for a thought provoking, humorous and inspirational talk with a meaningful message of living and creating authentically, let’s chat.

To schedule a speaking engagement, keynote address or panel discussion, please email me.